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Pick up and delivery in Byron Shire and near surrounds is available for free. Please see shipping options for delivery costs to surrounding regions.

Pick up or delivery in Sydney can be coordinated. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Welcome to the new online shop. Here you will find the latest collection of works, created over the last three years.

As someone who allows forms to develop intuitively, often guided by the materials and what they want to become, it can take some time before components find their partners. Not unlike the dynamics amongst humans wanting to belong.


When I looked back to the works created for my exhibition ECDYSIS, developed to explore subconscious beliefs and how those that are outgrown can be shed like cicada shells, I saw much pain, loss and grief. The show began immediately after the 2020 bushfires and at the immediate onset of the pandemic. It was in tune with the time.


I realised that I wanted to be very conscious about my next direction and what I put out into the world. Thus, this collection is borne out of a desire to share values of kindness, love, joy, peace and being truly alive. TheTorpor series was created during a prolonged period of fatigue and injury. This helped to direct available energy to smaller works and my love of hand forming.

You will also discover some larger works brought out of my archive, from previous installations. If you wish to learn more about them, please view their pages in the portfolio section.

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