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studio EMM

Creativity. Inspiration. Excellence. Curiosity. Play.

Studio EMM encompasses the multi-discipline commercial creative output of Emily McGregor

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Studio EMM is a space created by Emily McGregor for her commercial channels and to acknowledge the potency of creativity and inspiration enhanced through collaboration. She has found this to be apparent throughout her career as a creative, where each still or moving image, each book, event or built environment is enriched by the multiple hands and visions brought into play together.

Emily McGregor's career epitomises the seamless fusion of commercial creativity and professional artistry. With an unwavering commitment to constant growth and curiosity, McGregor has cultivated a diverse career, excelling across various professional domains.


Beginning her journey in the realm of natural health and wellbeing at WellBeing Magazine, McGregor swiftly honed her skills in picture editing, sub-editing, and feature writing, delving into diverse topics ranging from travel to wellness and natural health to beauty.


As McGregor ventured into interiors and fashion styling, her innate affinity for high fashion saw her welcomed into the esteemed halls of Vogue Australia's fashion office, where she refined her craft in luxury brand styling and celebrity portraiture. Subsequently, McGregor's creative prowess has flourished as she has assumed a rich array of roles over two decades as a freelance fashion and interiors stylist, collaborating on diverse projects including the global National Geographic/Disney series ‘Limitless’, where she provided wardrobe for renowned actor Chris Hemsworth and a team of expert contributors.


McGregor’s impact in the realm of fashion and interiors transcends traditional boundaries as a creative consultant, playing pivotal roles in concept development and strategic direction for renowned establishments and designers such as The Corner Shop, Clare Press, and Camilla Australia. McGregor’s innovative contributions have left an indelible mark on the industry, shaping trends and setting new standards of excellence.


Image credits, left to right, from top to bottom: Bart Celestino; Liz Ham; Liz Ham; Craig Parry; Liz Ham; Anthony Ong; Hannah Scott Stevenson; Anson Smart; Hannah Scott Stevenson; Liz Ham; Bart Celestino; David Mandelberg; image courtesy of Akin Atelier; Anthony Ong; Craig Parry

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