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ghostly translucent performers meet, merge and intertwine as the elements murmur and rage outside in this poetic palimpsest 

video, performance

single channel digital video, colour, sound

duration: 10.22

with the participation of Paul Walker, Angela Hamilton and Gideon Peyten-Griffiths

Bodyground, corresponds to clay work 'Somascape', using documentation footage of the performance from which the three-dimensional drawing is made. It is proposed as more. A poetic exploration of what it is to be embodied, to move in a human body and indeed to have a body that moves, through both sound and vision it is at the same time an expression of what it is to exist with the cyclical forces of nature: subject to the volatile temperament of weather, interweaving, overlapping, partnering, competing and constantly adapting, like plant forms extend toward sunlight and into dark earth.

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